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This Is Why The Lion Star Isn’t Happy

The ‘Lion’ star is badly in need of a hit. After his last film which was a highly anticipated one failed to ring the cash register, he’s banking heavily on his upcoming release which is the third installment to a

‘Flag’ Composer Rejects ‘Fighter Cock’ Hero Flick Owing To Bad Script

The ‘Fighter Cock’ actor, who holds various posts in the industry bodies, had approached this leading ‘Flag’ music director to compose music for his movie. The composer demanded Rs 1.5 crore as his fees from the actor. The makers agreed

Married Director Gets Close With Actress

This new-gen director who’s first film had a ‘Food’ title and second film had a ‘Drink’ title is currently working on a script with a leading actor. He hasn’t ever been linked with anyone from the industry before. But we

Director Shocks Producer – Hikes His Fees To Rs. 15 Crore

The ‘Theri’fic Director is gearing up only for his third movie, which will start rolling from February. Due to back-to-back hits, the director has hiked his remuneration to Rs 15 crore. This is not the end of the story. He

‘Rainbow’ Actress Thrashes Her Film Team

The ‘Rainbow’ actress, who made her comeback to films recently isn’t happy. Her upcoming Tamil movie has run into controversies before its release. The posters of the film have the hero, heroine and this actress’s images in it. Many film

Actor Made To Apologize To Producer Council

The ‘Sword Fight’ actor has gotten his membership temporarily revoked by the Tamil Film Producers Council after his statement against its office bearers in an interview to a weekly magazine. The actor took to the Chennai High Court in a

‘Nine’ Actress Meets Ex Boyfriend In Hotel Room

The ‘Nine’ actress is known for her shocking actions which comes out of the blue to those in the industry and those around her. The actress, who’s currently in a relationship with the ‘Rowdy’ director, has recently met up with

‘Fighter Cock’ Actress’s Marriage In Trouble

The ‘Fighter Cock’ Actress married a Dubai-based software engineer in 2014. She had taken a break from her acting career post marriage. But now a source close to her says the couple is planning to get divorced. The insider says

‘Kanmani’ Actress Back To Television After No Big Luck In Films

Beyond being known by her own name, she’s renowned for being a host for a popular Tamil TV channel. She’s a prominent face in the industry coordinating many film events, and has charmed fans over the years. Meanwhile, she started

Guess How This Actress Is Losing Weight?

The ‘Elephant’ Actress was last seen in a highly anticipated movie of the year which unexpectedly bombed at the box office. The actress has gone into hibernation mode without any known projects in hand. But only a few know the